Create Beautiful Interiors that Inspire and Amaze

G-SMATT media glass can transform your office allowing you to display information and media on boardroom walls and office atria.
Stand out from the crowd by transforming your office environment with G-SMATT media glass. Display useful information or play beautiful dynamic artwork.

If you're outfitting a shopping centre you can have glass balustrades that display information. Glass feature walls playing beautiful dynamic art or shop fronts that can tell you about the latest offers. The use of our interior G-SMATT media glass product is only limited by your imagination.

  • Transparency
  • Durability
  • Prestige Visual Impact
  • Infotainment

Create Amazing Glass Features

Here are just some of the ways in which G-SMATT media glass can be used to provide distinctive and stunning media displays. Our product is flexible enough to be used almost anywhere that has a large enough area of glass.

Office Interior Information Systems

Samsung Campus Media Wall Seoul.

Media Glass Floors

Museum Flooring - Seoul.