Temporary, flexible and dynamic media spaces for events 

Outdoor studios, pop-up shops and cafes, trade show booths and event VIP boxes. All with exciting, dynamic media display. 

Whether you need an outdoor studio, a temporary structure for a pop up shop, a cafe for an exhibition, a trade show booth, an event VIP box or a DJ Booth, we have event solutions for you with exciting and dynamic media displays.   All you need to do is tell us your event needs, and we’ll be able to help you create the perfect event using one of our customisable event products. 

Benefits of our products:

  • Rich Media Display
  • Interior Space
  • Modular Construction
  • Rent or Purchase

Standard G-Tainer configurations with mods

You can opt for a bespoke G-Tainer design. Or, we can offer you a number of G-Tainer configurations that we can adapt for your use. You only have to choose a role mod.

Right: Standard two G- Tainer structure with a café mod.

Below: Twelve G-Tainer structure shopping mall mod.

Transform your show booth with G-Wall

We can build our media-enabled glass directly into show booths and other temporary structures.   This can create amazing and impactful displays that really draw people to your show booth. Size is no issue and we can create displays with a handful of panels, right up to very large display.

Get your party started with G-Spin

Hold an amazing party with our all-in-one glass solution, which combines a DJ box, LED Lighting and media enabled glass.  G-Spin can also come without the DJ box and be used for smaller temporary structures approx 3m x 2m.