Media Facade - Why 2019 will be the year buildings will come truly alive

Now more than ever it’s important to stand out and bring to life your brand in a compelling and interactive way, and this year we are going to see big developments in media façade installations because G-SMATT Europe has arrived in the UK to revolutionise the media and event industry.
 G-SMATT Europe has been in the UK less than a year and are already starting to speed up the development of architainment by using their innovative glass technology to make buildings come truly alive.   At last there is a company that can make media façades create, inspire and amaze.  
 Orhan Ertughrul, EVP of G-SMATT Europe gives just some of the reasons why 2019 is a year where media facades will change:

There is a fundamental need for humans to tell stories and we need innovative ways to do this.  As we’re living in a noisy world, we’re all competing to tell our story so it’s essential to stand out and for buildings to play their part by interacting with us.  Imagine the endless possibilities if you could display your story on your building or share key information on transport, air quality, weather, and time.  

G-SMATT can help you to make this possible and create interactive experiences that draw people in and reinvigorate your building.  We provide an innovative transparent glass solution, which can display media and be integrated into your interior or exterior walls, to even providing multimedia modular containers (G-Tainers), which are ideal for a complete event solution and were used at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.  

Event organisers and architects are seeing the necessity for the G-SMATT solution as the world is changing rapidly with technological developments with AI, nano-technology, robotics, genetic engineering, 3D printing and the internet of things, so we need to build the cities and events of tomorrow.  We have spent too long with the status quo and not considered how we can use one of our biggest assets, our architecture.

G-Smatt can create spaces and stages for creativity and even make it possible for people to play games on your building, create graphics that pulse in time to music and build rich media capability into a building without compromising on its beauty.   It’s an exciting time and we can help you get ready for change.