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Smart glass solutions for media display


G-Smatt for Interiors

Transform the glass wall of your board room, the atrium of your building or external wall of your lift shaft.

Create eye-catching interior displays that delight, engage, and inform your customers and staff.

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G-Smatt for Events

Whether you're running a rock concert, a booth at a show, or just need a pop-up structure, we can help.

Our G-Tainer modular structures provide indoor space and stunning media displays.

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G-Smatt for Architecture

Turn your glass facade into a vast canvas for you imagination.

Create iconic, media-enabled architecture that excites and inspires with relevant messages. Project who you are into the urban environment.

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G-SMATT Media Glass:three unique qualities

Durability: architectural grade building material

Transparency: 99.7% transparent giving unparalleled clarity for a media facade

Media: beautiful and compelling video display and interactivity

G-SMATT Media Glass

The perfect canvas for your imagination

G-SMATT media glass provides an exciting new way to interact with and influence people. 

It’s the perfect canvas for your imagination, whether you're a developer, interior designer, or an event planner. Learn more today. Request an e-brochure and one of our experts will be in touch with you.

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