Captivision Applications


Captivision's media glass is very flexible and has been used in applications as diverse as the 1000 sqm Coex exhibition centre in Gangnam Seoul through to one of the central features of Metropolis at the Boom Town Festival in the UK. The unique combination of transparency and rich media capability make it ideally suited for situations where traditional LED screens wouldn't be practical or desirable.


Retail is having to adapt to a new world in which over25% of retail now happens online. As high street chains look to deliver a more exciting shopping experience audio visual displays are becoming increasingly important but large scale LED displays take up a lot of space and block out light. Captivision's transparent technology is ideally suited for the retail space as it can be fitted just like normal glass windows or partitions. It doesn't end there though, our glass has been used in corporate foyers, glass lift shafts, balcony railings, flooring and board room partitions.


Captivision’s innovative media glass allows you to turn your glass façade into a vast canvas. Imagine what you can do. The content is limited only by your imagination. 

The advent of glass facade construction has enabled the creation of beautiful architecture. Now bring that architecture alive with light and colour with Captivision media glass. Use this electronic, construction grade, laminated LED glass product for any glass facade project – without compromising on the aesthetic beauty of an architectural design.


Whether you just want to make your booth a show stand out or you want to have a large freestanding festival display, Captivision can help you. Captivision works with 3rd party events experts to deliver our technology into the events market. With such prestigious events as ICE, Boomtown and the Pyeong Chang 2018 Winter Olympics under our belts, you can be sure your event is in safe hands.