UK Projects

London Build - Oct 2017

London Build is one of the biggest events for the construction industry in the UK. Held at Olympia the show attracts big name global companies. This year we were asked if we could provide the exhibitions networking booth at the centre of the main floor. We custom built a reusable modular steel structure for the show that had the capacity for up to 22 pieces of media glass. The show was a great success and the networking booth provided a great place for people to come, chat and have an ice cream on us.

The Showman's Show - Oct 2017

The Showman's Show is the biggest outdoor events show in Europe hosting exhibitors from all over the world. This year the organisers of the show asked us if we might be able to provide a screen of our media glass on the front of the main marquee. It was our first implementation in the UK and provided a number of challenges not least of which was figuring out how we were going to fit our glass into a temporary structure like a marquee. All went smoothly and you can see the result in the adjacent video.

It was unique, it was as simple as that. It was a whole new product, nothing on the market like it.

Jeremy Lance - Owner of the Showman's Show.